NOCSIMA Eczema Moisturizing Cream

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NOCSIMA Eczema Moisturizing Cream


Moisturizing Face and Body Anti-Itch Cream and Skin Treatment for Sensitive Skin


Our cream is specially formulated at pH 5.5 just like your skin, so it can help relieve symptoms.

Aloe, Shea Butter, Blue Green Algae, Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil and other natural and organic ingredients for skin tightening.

Safe for Sensitive Skin. Soothing and calming organic formula for irritated and sensitive skin, seborrhea dermatitis or other skin issues.

Designed for your face so it’s gentle. But great anywhere from the scalp to neck, back, ears etc.

Moisturizing and Healing. It deeply moisturizes the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and relieve different skin conditions.


Blue Green Algae, Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil , Aloe Vera , Chamomile, Olive oil, Shea butter, Almond oil, Vitamin E, Panthenol.

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