What We Do


ACCMI Company Specialized In The Production Of

Various Types Of Cosmetics ,Disinfectant & Medical

Products According To The Highest Quality


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We have everything



A Wide Range Of Products

We Produce A Wide Range Of Products That Meet The Needs Of The Market


Private Label Products

Support Marketing Companies That Have Their Ideas And Vision To Provide Private Label Products That Fit With Their Requirement

Support Researchers

Support Researchers By Convert Their Research And Innovations Into Marketable Products


Licenses For Products Marketing

Give Our Customers All The Necessary Licenses For Marketing Their Products  From  Saudi Food And Drug Authority



The history of our company is closely related to the production of a wide assortment of cosmetic products under private label for one of the first retailers in the Saudi Arabia. For over 10 years, we have now been producing Private Label Cosmetics and Medical products for national and international retailers, drug stores, pharmacies and perfumeries. We do so with professional knowledge and maximum involvement.



In close cooperation with our customers, we work on the development of new concepts and suggest cosmetic products and assortment developments that respond to new international trends. Our specialist teams work together integrally to achieve the best possible concepts and products.​



ACCMI Developing Department is responsible for developing new products while constantly updating the database with raw materials and market innovations. It does this by making a comprehensive search of sector publications to find new raw materials that will improve the quality of Natural products



We offer our clients customised concepts and solutions, with respect for people and the planet. In the development and production of Private Label Cosmetics, we bear our social responsibility. We use the latest techniques, technologies and knowledge, focusing on optimising the market success and turnover of our customers.​ 



With a sharp eye for trends and developments on the one hand and optimal attention for price control and regulations on the other, we have acquired unique experience as an innovative manufacturer and supplier of Private Label Cosmetic in the segments: hair care, bath & shower, liquid hand soap, hair styling, skincare, body care, hand & nail care, foot care, baby & kids care, sun care, deodorant and perfume.​